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Need information of your location ?


By gathering information about the facility and activities in one place you can quickly find what you are looking for and can be sure that the information is updated. You get an effective information management, avoid time-consuming task of searching through emails and contact your colleagues if they have the “latest” version of what you seek. There will also be a clear and effective internal routine when the system has the latest information. Through smart search tools and visual map you can quickly find what you are looking at along with the information located in a structure related to the appropriate level – both at the same time, which means that other information you seek is readily available. We have words, a product structure with different levels of information which reflects a normalization image of a larger company that has recurring concept in their facilities.

Today, many large companies have a fragmented information structure by several systems used to capture the total amount of information about facilities and activities. By connecting external information channels from other systems we create an umbrella for the total amount of information. Examples are plant data and images that are often stored in other systems.


Many people create mobile workers in the field wherein smartphones and iPads become more common. Many observations and decisions coming from the on-site visit makes it easy to use these mobile devices to take notes and take pictures. Problems often arise when the information remains on your phone or ports in different emails. Using our app will lead you directly to the nearest facility and can upload images together, with notes and Czech lists directly to its proper place where other people can find the information.

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