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Manage intensive establishment growth ?


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The establishment of new facilities or renovations in the form of new concepts often become intense work where a priority model is often applied when the tempo increases or time is not sufficient. Often there is an opening date not to be missed but there is also a quality aspect that often involve high costs when the work is done under time pressure in combination with the incurred misses and errors. To succeed in its expansion plan needs are to be taken to create the best possible conditions for success – with our systems, we provide that opportunity.

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A few steps in the establishment process where our systems provide good support:

  • Start with the right conditions by collecting information and store it in each facility in our store database.
  • Build up concepts “mockups” as CAD modules in the future, the layout / architect is well prepared to implement an effective project planning.
  • Working with the introduction plan and checklists for all involved, it is often possible to put a small establishment that applies for all projects which justifies spending time and getting a good process.
  • Project!
  • Reconciliations, the system continuously minimizes unnecessary time automatically to gather and update facing, for example, monthly reconciliations. The feeling that all direct working towards the same amount of information often creates calmness and security, which saves time and avoids miss.
  • Follow-up of the project is done through on-site visits with the support of checklists and images uploaded from the system’s mobile app which creates the right conditions for the next project.

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