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Order System



The system’s order process (pictured above) begins on the CAD side where interior modules are broken down into a component (BOM CAD) consisting of racking modules and sub-modules. Before the lists are uploaded to the WEB system, a check is made to avoid drawing errors and errors in the article configuration. Next, the system breaks down the articles to a level after the jetting’s logic has been defined (Fitting). Fitting is a level where eg. the number of shelves and spears after season can be set for the different interior modules or classification for safety or fire class.

ixs levrantörs saldo
ixs fittigns
The system is a tool to work with armament (Fittings) both WEB and CAD, this creates different groups of logic coupled to the list of CAD (BOM CAD). The groups can be specified as type sections with relative departments that provide different outcomes of the articles. The system also keeps track of the status of orders to various suppliers and stock levels on external link exists to the suppliers’ ERP systems alternative to loading Excel files.

In the CAD, system provides support that allows a check before order as well as the ability to select and get the system to zoom in on the module that has errors which may be duplicates or that the module is outside of retail space and more. The system also has a feature to create stage divided orders that is done by visual indication of the drawing, which creates a grouping in order.
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