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The system is between two-sections of CAD and WEB in which information can flow between the parts which provides stability and updated information bearing on your facilities and activities. Support for connecting to external data sources and systems available and provides many opportunities to find new KPIs and reports for decision support. The system consists of several modules for both CAD and WEB allowing customization and provide the desired functionality. CAD part is integrated with ArchiCad as a base which provides a variety of features and future-proofs the general trend in CAD functionality.

Company-specific modules can be developed to give the adjustment needed. WEB system is available as a cloud service which makes it easy to put into operation and provides high availability through mobile devices and computers. By logging given rights and functionality, makes the system suitable for different roles and become easy to use and is orderly.

The modules can be configured and so create the desired look and functionality. Module to connect information from external data sources facilitates the integration of such Master data over the facilities or archive. The system has a Web Service which also simplifies how information is collected, returned and login process. New modules are continuously developed that make the system more powerful and gives you new opportunities.

With the system APP for iPhone and iPad, instantly displays next facility on the map along with the installation information. The mobile phone’s camera or photo archives can be selected and pictures can be uploaded directly to the right plant in the WEB system along with checklists or comments. We ensure that information gets to the right place and other people directly benefit from the mobile information uploaded, for example, monitoring or survey. A selection of survey templates allow you to mobile collect the information that you seek. The questionnaires can also be awarded to persons outside our system with a view to fill in the information and then upload to the system. We ensure correct information is sent via text mail.



Store database
Establishment Plan
Space Management
Vending Retail Orientation
Order System
Vending Zones and Planograms
Concept Library
Mobile App
Document and Drawing Archive
Survey Surveys
Design / Layout CAD
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