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About us


The company and our product ‘establish more’ has sprung up since 2005 when we started to develop systems for establishing intensive companies. Later, the focus was on developing new tools and methods using CAD with ArhiCAD as a base. Our background in the development of industry standards in the construction sector in the form of IFC and BIM has also contributed to many of our ideas that we use today in our systems and processes. The profiles of our employees is enriched with many years of experience in IT – systems in the construction industry as well as retail, and we have development team for CAD and WEB page.
The company is owned by Dot Orange Invest investing in IT companies with products and services related to CAD and WEB systems in the construction industry and Retail / FMCG.


Our Vision


Our vision is to give our customers a better position to work with the intensive establishment plans and facility management through our systems. Our system focus is to include both the CAD side and WEB / mobility while retaining information chains. Our systems are aimed at different types of users with their tools and rights which are all working towards a common amount of information that is updated and structured.

We also see our system as an umbrella function where other external and internal systems integrate and makes it easier for users to find information and services. Today it is often a problem with the legacy nuclear data that must be readily available.
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