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In today’s trading, we have high consumer presence with social media, a fast, dynamic channel of information both between consumer groups and between consumer and business. From previously communicated brand with our concepts in the store, we now have a platform with a higher concept renewal and change in shops while brand processed on websites, social networking concept stores. This creates a need to keep data up to date and accessible. Our vision and theoretical model is that the establishment intensive companies need to do their own business and information systems to manage information and the ongoing refinement of shops, interior design concept, brand and establishment plan.

“By using our system, we give you a better position to manage your establishment process and store information.”

Today BIM (Building Information Model) a concept in the construction industry, it means that we build a virtual model of the reality of our CAD systems. We then see directly the problems and opportunities, and create a variety of key data about the construction. In our system, we also apply BIM CAD part of the system where your store grows with related information. One problem today is that the amount of information grows from the CAD side while it is isolated when only a small portion of users working in the CAD system. We have solved this by building an information channel between CAD and WEB enabling us to increase availability while ensuring that the information is updated.

The picture shows how people work at both the CAD side and WEB page at the same time as the information can be communicated to all and we avoid time-consuming activities to ensure an overall picture of such establishment projects or relevant drawings and order lists and more.

The approach provides many new opportunities to streamline and interesting new key that provides you decide better. You do not have to worry if the information is not updated and the time to submit reports to the reconciliations shorten dramatically when the system will immediately give you what you are looking for. The system provides a common platform for information and establishment activities with availability in both your computer and when you are mobile on your iphone or mobile phone. From your mobile you can upload images with description saving time and giving you the right conditions at the Project startup or follow-up.



Manage intensive establishment growth ?
Need information of your location ?
Optimize your store ?
Order management of interiors, signs and supplier balance ?
Optimize your spatial plan ?
Ensure the right amount of goods in store ?
Implement new interior concepts ?
Improved your Drawing process with CAD ?


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