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BIM technology, for whom and why?

BIM is currently applied increasingly in the construction industry and creates many opportunities. They, in turn, leading to a more rational planning and management. Listed below are some advantages in different areas that benefit the business even in our limited Establishment-related projects.

– Energy Analyses, by comparing different solutions in the simulation program, a manager at the planning stage to make a wiser choice.

– An efficient design for all parties. Revisions are performed faster and modifications are updated in all documentation associated with the models.

– Cost analysis prior to construction, BIM enables comparisons to go faster while generating a more accurate estimate of costs.

– Visualization in the design phase can take advantage of visualization in the BIM tool. It’s quick to change and see the results that can be easily presented.

– Quality control in the design phase have BIM tools used to perform various checks. An example is the collision checks with the help of 3D technology, but also various building characteristics can be controlled.

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CAD portion of the system is integrated with ArchiCAD and have a clear – BIM processes that allow structures and automation. The system has a “floating” window showing all functions and information, for example, a comprehensive site for project-related information directly linked to the drawing naming and stamp. This provides a uniform drawing of delivery and time savings in the project.

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